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Kobi Nigreker (Hebrew: קובי ניגרקר)

Commonly known by his stage name Blastoyz.

Is an Israeli, international trance music DJ and producer

Specialising in the sub-genre of psychedelic trance (Psytrance).

His Life[]

Kobi (born 27 June 1990). in Israel, to a Jewish family and grew up in a small village Beit-Ezra. He

began recording music when he was 9 years old in 1999, 7 years later, in school he picked the

name Blastoyz.



Blastoyz started as a DJ in 2003 playing alternative and house music in clubs and private events.

During this time he learnt more about electronic music. Back in 1999 he discovered trance after

being exposed to it by his older brother and cousins, it was at this time Blastoyz began his first in-

house studio recordings using a personal computer. From the first time i heard it I liked the energy

of it. I was enthusiastic every time I heard this music.

At the beginning of his career in the early 2000 he produced tracks in the style of Goa, Dark,

influenced by the big artists of those days; Eyal Barkan, Holyman and Astral Projection, and later

being exposed to artists like; Infected Mushroom, Astrix, GMS, Skazi and many others.


In 2006, as a teenager, Blastoyz decided to take things seriously and built his first studio in his

parents house. While studying at school, he would always arrive home directly to his studio to

begin working on his own tracks, and in that time he began to perform live at small raves in Israel.


In 2009, Kobi (Blastoyz) was to serve the compulsory 3 year service in the Israeli Defence Force

(IDF). During this period, he would spend his weekends of three day periods off-base at home,

which left him barely anytime to sit down and make music, but he did not give up. Kobi knew he

would be back to creating music full-time as soon as he finished with the compulsory conscription.

2013–2014: Breakthrough

In a 2013 in an interview Blastoyz said "The Army is a point in life that we must get through, it

makes you grow up and learn a lot of things that are guaranteed to help you in the future as a

person" Shortly after being released from military service (end of 2012) he released his debut EP

"Something For Your Mind" on Geomagnetic Records.

In 2013 Blastoyz had the chance to release music with EDM label SectionZ. He was introduced to the world with his second EP "Bastard" released 2nd May 2013.

From here things started to roll for Blastoyz as the global scene got to know his energetic fresh dance floor style.

It was at this point that Blastoyz began bookings internationally and world wide.

After his great success with "Bastard" and touring, "Mind Games" the third EP was released shortly after on 16th July 2013.

Mind Games hit number 12 on the beatport top 100 Psy-trance releases. "was really surprised to see that I'm one of the tops there alongside Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Neelix and many more"

Blastoyz stated in a 2013 interview.

From here Blastoyz released the track "Mind And Spirit" on December 8th 2014, this was his first

collaboration track with Mystical Complex. During this time Blastoyz had already started a schedule

of nonstop touring.

2015: A More Creative Style and Collaborations

Touring, working on other projects didn't leave much studio time for Kobi and it took another year

to write and produce his 4th EP, "Step Aside" which came out on January 19th, 2015.

It nabbed the respectable number 2 spot in the top 100 Psytrance releases on Beatport.

In addition to this EP, Blastoyz joined the major Psy-Trance recording label "Nutek Records"

He rocked festivals across the globe including Burning Mountain, Bug, Metagenesis, Magnetik and headlined nights in the best clubs and venues around the world and in his home country, Israel.

On November 23, 2015, Blastoyz released 2 collaboration tracks "Rise" featuring Soul J and "Make You Moo" in the album "Spin" by Skazi.

it was another year before the fourth EP "Step Aside" was written and produced, releasing on January

19th 2015. Step Aside nabbed the respectable 2 spot on the beatport top 100 Psy-trance releases.

It was at this point Blastoyz was signed the major Psy-trance record label "Nutek Records"

Going on to rock festivals around the world Blastoyz hit the stage at Burning Mountain, Bug,

Metagenesis, Magnetik and more. Also headlining the best clubs around the world and at home in


Once Blastoyz musical sound was familiarized as his trademark he went on to produce his 5th

EP The World released on 8th June 2015. Thereafter Blastoyz broke his personal best and

eached the coveted 1st place on the Beatport top 100 Psy-trance releases. On June 15 2015,

Blastoyz released a track with Azax Syndrom, titled "Soul Of A Gypsy"

As a gift to his fans Blastoyz released the track "We Love Rave" after reaching 100,000 followers

on his Facebook fan page.

Blastoyz next releases would come on November 23 2015, 2 collaborations, "Rise" featuring Soul J, and "Make You Moo" on the album "Spin" by Skazi.

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